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How is a uniform made?

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1. March 2023

From the idea to the finished workwear

The production of a uniform is as individual as our customers themselves. We do not have a standardized approach to our workwear, but adapt to the wishes and ideas of our customers. Before we produce a uniform, we sit down with our customers and carry out a needs analysis. We ask various criteria, for example about the budget, the delivery date or what requirements the uniform must meet. This means that we discuss every detail with our customers, from the fabric and washability to special requests and finishes, and take every idea into account. We then discuss internally which type of production is best for the customer and start the project.

The right implementation for every idea

We offer our customers three proven project processes: standard products, half design and full design. For the standard product, we select products from our never-out-of-stock range according to customer requirements. These uniforms are visualized by our designers at the customer’s request. The customer then receives a binding offer. In half-design, we define the products and finishes with the customer and create a design board based on the selected items. In the next step, the uniform is visualized for the customer and we prepare a quotation.

The design, technology and purchasing departments come together for a full design project. Our designers create proposals from which we select three variants and present them to the customer. They can now select their favorite design or make change requests. Once the customer has decided on a design, the purchasing department checks availability, raw materials and capacities – and production can begin. At the moment, a full design order takes 10 to 15 weeks from the customer’s signature. All our own articles are produced in Europe by our long-standing producers and manufacturers.

The production steps

A uniform goes through several production steps, some of which run in parallel. Here is a brief overview

Design:Our design department pays particular attention to the customer’s corporate identity and the requirements for functionality and washability. A mood board with photos, colors and textures forms the basis for a uniform concept. It also serves as inspiration for patterns, designs and fabrics. Our goal: The customer must be 100% satisfied with the design.

Purchase: The models and fabrics are determined based on the briefing from the customer meeting. These form the basis for the development of a uniform. Each model is given its own number. This defines the model, fabric, color and size. The customer decides what quantity is required for each model. Our purchasing department then sends the order to the manufacturers and upstream suppliers, who manufacture our products according to our technical specifications and then deliver them to us.

Cutting-technique: We use different fits for jackets, culottes, shirts, blouses and other garments that are produced as two-dimensional and digital patterns in Europe. Together with our designers, we determine the appropriate basic cuts for each customer in order to perfectly implement the design for the uniform. Depending on whether the fabric is elastic, light or heavy, a suitable basic cut must be selected or developed. An initial sample is then produced, tested and presented to the customer. If the customer wishes to make changes, these are discussed with our designers and implemented. We are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied. The result is something to be proud of: A uniform with optimum wearing comfort combined with a modern look.

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