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1. March 2023

At Image Wear, we stand for workwear that can literally be seen. However, we not only want to be uncompromisingly good in terms of quality and design, but also when it comes to sustainability. That is why sustainable action is not just a trend for us, but has long been an essential part of our business strategy. As a textile company in particular, we see sustainability as an integral part of our responsibility – and prefer to let actions speak louder than words.

Our commitment

By signing the “Circular Economy Switzerland” charter, we are actively committed to the circular economy in Switzerland. In plain language, this means that we are committed to minimizing our resource consumption, waste and emissions. To achieve this, we rely on durable products, reuse and recycling. For example, our cardboard packaging is made exclusively from recycled cardboard. In addition, we only deliver our uniforms in plastic-free reusable garment bags and do not use any unnecessary plastic materials.

Because that is not enough for us, we are also committed to sustainable supply chains. That is why we are a member of amfori, a leading corporate initiative to improve working conditions in global supply chains. We have committed ourselves to a code of conduct that, for example, excludes child and forced labor and promotes ethical business practices and good working conditions. The Code naturally also applies to our producers and suppliers.

Living sustainability

We motivate our employees to take on social responsibility and work towards the sustainable transformation of our economy and society. Almost all of our employees use public transport to get to work. We are also happy to facilitate working from home in order to save further emissions. Regular clothing donations to charitable organizations and the reduction of our vehicle fleet are further steps in the right direction. So we at Image Wear don’t just talk about sustainability, we live it!

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