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Design and fashion is his passion

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1. March 2023

Frank is the co-founder of Image Wear AG and has been passionately active in the textile sector for over 30 years.

Surname, first name:
Meissner, Frank Oliver

Position, start date:
Chairman of the Board of Directors, since 1.07.1994

Main tasks:
Overall management of the company, legal and financial matters

Biggest project:
Formerly uniformed Crossair AG, currently public transport operator of the city of Zurich

lic. oec. publ. University of Zurich

Travel, food, sport

Sale, negotiations

Impatience, elephant in a porcelain store

That’s what I like:
Aesthetics, beautiful design

I don’t like that:
baggy look, grunge style

Focus 2020:
Successful implementation of customer-employee webshop

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