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Some customers are already familiar with the video: the film about the history of Image Wear AG. You can gain an insight into our projects and everyday life from the beginning of the company’s history to the present day. We hope you will enjoy this short journey through time.

The Image Wear Team

We are pleased to introduce you to our employees in our new series. We start with our CEO, Patrice Weber.

Patrice Weber

CEO & Head of Sales Since August 1, 2017

Main task:
Management of Image Wear AG and its approximately 20 employees and support of major customers and their projects.

Biggest project:
The VBZ clothing project. The realization of the project for the new uniform of the 1’500 employees of the entire VBZ was the biggest and most exciting project.

Education: Agronomist HTL / Business economist

Riding and a good balance with friends

Having fun deepening and connecting the network for joint success.


That’s what I like:
A satisfied and well-organized environment

I don’t like that:
Incompetent and dissatisfied people

Focus 2020:
Realization of another successful fiscal year

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Design and fashion is his passion

Frank is the co-founder of Image Wear AG and has been passionately active in the textile sector for over 30 years.

Surname, first name:
Meissner, Frank Oliver

Position, start date:
Chairman of the Board of Directors, since 1.07.1994

Main tasks:
Overall management of the company, legal and financial matters

Biggest project:
Formerly uniformed Crossair AG, currently public transport operator of the city of Zurich

lic. oec. publ. University of Zurich

Travel, food, sport

Sale, negotiations

Impatience, elephant in a porcelain store

That’s what I like:
Aesthetics, beautiful design

I don’t like that:
baggy look, grunge style

Focus 2020:
Successful implementation of customer-employee webshop