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February 27, 2023

A passion for design and fashion

Frank is the co-founder of Image Wear AG and has been passionate about textiles for over 30 years.

  • Name, first name:Meissner, Frank Oliver
  • Position, start date:Chairman of the Board of Directors, since 1.07.1994
  • Main tasks:Senior management of the company, legals and finances
  • Largest project: Formerly uniforming Crossair AG currently Transport Services of the City of Zurich
  • Education:Travelling, eating, sports
  • Hobby: Reisen, Essen, Sport
  • Strengths:Sales, negotiations
  • Weaknesses:mpatience, elephant in the china shop
  • Likes:Esthetics, beautiful design
  • Dislikes:Ragged look, grunge
  • Focus 2020:To implement successfully our customer-staff Webshop